Handcrafted Jewellery

Our foundry cast jewellery range is new for 2018. Made using ancient techniques dating as far back as 4200 BC!

All of our cast jewellery is made using the lost wax technique, using the latest technology and materials combined with traditional craftsmanship. The finished jewellery simply speaks for itself. Firstly, we transfer your hand/foot/fingerprints into the wax by hand using our top-secret methods that have taken years to perfect. The wax is then shaped and finished to prepare it for casting at the foundry into your choice of precious metal.

The only time an outside company is involved in creating any of our products is during the casting process.

When we receive your piece jewellery back from the foundry, it is then hand finished to the highest standard.


Generally speaking, our silver jewellery weighs less than 7.78g, excluding it from requiring a U.K hallmark. You can, of course, add hallmarking to any of our silver products, simply add the service to your basket. Don’t forget to add one hallmarking service for each item you wish to be hallmarked. All of our Gold jewellery proudly carries our own maker’s mark and the mark of the London assay office, the oldest office in the country!

Especially for you

All of our beautiful foundry cast jewellery can be personalised with either your own fingerprint, handprint, or footprint. Don’t feel limited to hand, foot, or fingerprints though. Previously, we have used children’s drawings, paw prints, and even loved ones’ signatures to create an extra special piece. The prints used can be from virtually any source to create your unique piece of jewellery, including those taken by funeral homes of your loved ones. 

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