3d casting (life cast) frequently asked questions

Hand / foot / fingerprint jewellery frequently asked questions

3d casting (life cast) frequently asked questions

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. No, our 3d casts are suitable from birth to any age.

Q. How do you take the impression?

A. We place your little ones hand / foot in a special material called alginate, the alginate sets quickly to a rubbery consistency that leaves virtually no residue.

Q. Is the material you use safe for my baby?

A. We use a material called alginate, an all natural product made from seaweed that is 100% bio-degradable, to take the impression of your little one. This material, by nature, is skin safe and is used by dentists world wide.

Q. Does my baby have to keep still while you take the impression?

A. No, the way that we take the impression allows your little one to move their fingers or toes while the mould is made.

Q. How long does the appointment take?

A. Normally around 1hr, although each cast only takes approximately 2-3 minutes. Most of the time is taken by discussing your requirements and set up / clean up.

Q. I want to see samples before I choose what i want, is this possible?

A. Yes we always have a selection of frames and samples that we take to appointments.

Q. Do you keep the mould after you have made the cast?

A. No, unfortunately the mould has to be destroyed to remove the cast, we do however, offer duplicates of the casts using a secondary silicone mould. If you would like duplicates please make us aware at the time of your appointment.

Q. When will my finished casts be ready for me to collect?

A. This depends on size, style & quantity. Normally around 6 weeks, but this can increase if duplicates are required.

Q. Do you offer a home visit for this type of cast?

A. No, unfortunately due to the current pandemic all casting appointments are at our studio in Crewe, Cheshire. All finished casts are also to be collected from our studio in Crewe, Cheshire.
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Hand / foot / fingerprint jewellery frequently asked questions

Q. Are your pendants and charms made from real silver & Gold?

A. Yes, all our silver jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver & all our gold jewellery is either 9ct or 18ct (red, white or yellow) gold.

Q. Are your pendants and charms hallmarked?

A. All our silver jewellery that weighs more than 7.78g is hallmarked as standard, we do offer an optional hallmarking service on items under this weight for an additional cost. All of our gold jewellery is hallmarked.

Q. Is there a difference between fine silver & sterling silver?

A. Yes, fine silver is slightly softer than sterling, due to it’s purity and is therefore subject to wear and tear but is more resistant to tarnishing. Sterling silver on the other hand is a more robust alloy and can withstand daily use.

Q. How do i care for my new jewellery?

A. You should treat your new jewellery with the care it deserves. Your new piece is a one of a kind, bespoke piece and as such deserves the extra care and attention. A full aftercare guide can be found here.

Q. What age is it suitable for?

A. There are no age limits or restrictions on our hand / foot print jewellery, fingerprint jewellery is suitable from around 5 – 6 years. The result for younger children varies considerably, you will, of course, have a unique mark made by your child.

Q. How do you take the prints?

A. If we take the prints for you at our studio in Crewe, we use baby safe ink for hand & foot prints or a special ink strip for fingerprints. If you take the prints, we can provide you with either an ink-less hand / foot print kit or a special ink strip for fingerprints.

Q. I already have some ink prints, can they be used?

A. Yes, in most cases we can use any print you may have. Our technician may have to check suitability. You can e-mail your prints to us before ordering if you prefer.

Q. Is there a limit on the length of the name i can have?

A. Yes, you can have up to 7 characters on charms & up to 9 on pendants.

Q. How long does it take?

A. It normally takes around 4-6 weeks for silver & 6-8 weeks for gold, to make your jewellery from receipt of your prints.

Q. I have a question that is not covered above, can you help?

A. Yes of course, simply contact us here with your question and we will answer it as soon as possible.
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