Sterling Silver Standard Hand Print Heart Charm


Handmade Sterling silver charm to fit most standard European charm bracelets. These gorgeous silver charms can have either a hand, foot or fingerprint of your loved one & can be personalised with a name up to 7 characters long.


Approximately 13 mm x 13 mm x 1.5 mm (excluding fittings)

Manufacture & Delivery

Ready for delivery 2-3 weeks after we receive your prints



Stunning handcrafted Sterling Silver heart shaped charm personalised with your own fingerprint, hand print or foot print, made especially for you & can be personalised with a name up to 7 characters long.

Our Sterling Silver charms make the perfect gift for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Anniversaries or an extra special memorial piece.


Approx 13mm x 13mm x 1 (excluding jump ring)


Our handmade jewellery takes 2-3 weeks to make for you after we have received your prints. There may be a possibility to expedite this process, please e-mail us with your requirements.


Once ready for you, your Jewellery will be posted out via Royal Mail special delivery

It’s all about the prints

We use prints from many sources to create our jewellery, including those taken by funeral homes of your loved ones.

You can take Fingerprints in many different ways, the simplest way to take them is as follows:

What you will need

A few sheets of plain white paper, a HB pencil and a roll of sticky tape (sellotape or similar)

How to take a fingerprint

1. Scribble a square on the paper around 5cm x 5cm with the pencil
2. Rub your finger on the patch you have just made on the paper
3. Cut a short length of tape and press your now pencil covered finger on to the sticky side
4. Stick the piece of tape with your fingerprint on  onto a clean patch of the paper.

Please try to ensure the tape has no hairs or dust trapped underneath as this can affect the quality of the print and detail of the finished charm.

Hand & Foot prints

These can be simply taken with a black ink pad or poster paint on a clean piece of white paper.

Or, if you prefer, you can request an ink-less printing kit along with your order and we will send one out to you.

When your prints are ready for us, please ensure you clearly mark them with your name and order number. You can then either scan & email them directly to us via Sales@Baby-Casts.Co.Uk or pop them in the mail.

All our handmade charms are designed to fit most popular european charm bracelets such as Pandora, Chamillia & similar.

Please note that this is a piece of handmade jewellery and as such may have slight variations in size, colour & shape and may have very slight imperfections.

Please see our F.A.Q page for more details

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Additional information

Inkless Wipe Kit Required

No thanks, Yes send me an inkless kit