Handcrafted sterling silver jewellery

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Sterling silver jewellery, made with love

We make our handcrafted sterling silver jewellery with love and care, from the finest sterling silver clay we can source. Made from minute, recycled sterling silver particles, blended with an organic binder. This makes a clay like material that is easily shaped and can be used for many purposes. Handprint, footprint or fingerprint impressions are some of the more popular uses. When we have created your unique piece in clay and removed any imperfections, it is then ready for firing. During the firing process the organic binder burns away, leaving us with an eco friendly, piece of solid sterling silver jewellery. After firing your bespoke piece, we then start the hand finishing process. Our skilled craftsmen use a combination of traditional techniques and modern materials for a mirror finish. All made to our usual exacting standards, focusing on quality and detail.

Made especially for you

All of our beautiful handcrafted Sterling Silver jewellery can be personalised with your own fingerprint, handprint or footprint. You are not just limited to hand, foot or fingerprints though! In the past, we have used children’s drawings, paw prints and even loved ones signatures to create an extra special piece. The prints we use can be from virtually any source to create your unique piece of sterling silver jewellery, including those taken by funeral homes of your loved ones. 

Taking prints

We have a dedicated page to help you take your prints at home. 

For more information on our Jewellery, please see our F.A.Q page

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